What we wanted you to see in this picture, is that vinyl siding can be painted. The tendency for siding is to get dirty and dingy over years of wear. We do a full service of washing, sanding, priming and painting to restore it back to its original luster.
Pictured here on the upper peak of the home is how beautiful your siding can look thereafter. Captured in the lower half of the home is the work in progress as you prepare the siding for color.

As you can visibly see, the cedar siding on this house has dried out to the point where it has begun to peel and expose rotten wood. As a result, this house was scraped and steel brushed down to bare wood in order to prep it for primer and finish coating.

In this after picture, you can see how good prep work is vital to the outcome of the job. The result of this is a well protected exterior of the home that can last for years.
Painting & Shutters

Often times you can work subtle changes into your home to give it a new look. An example of this would be changing the color of your shutters. We can and will work with you on color consultation to find the colors that you will be most satisfied with.
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